When your brain has an “open loop” running, whether you realize it or not, you expend a lot of unnecessary energy. It’s like when you have all those tabs open on your phone and they're running down the battery in the background. This is why being indecisive drains you and keeps you stuck. In this episode, Kinsey gives you a framework for making better decisions so you can move faster, create bigger results, and never doubt yourself again.
As humans, we all have a unique set of perceived limitations. Anytime you try to reach for something beyond those limitations, you will experience a set of challenges that will either keep you where you are or push you to your next level.
Growing an “average” coaching business doesn’t work when you know you’re called to be extraordinary in the industry. Today’s episode is for you if you feel like you’re the “best kept secret” and want to lead your space with grace, authority, and potency.
Knowing your ideal client isn’t necessarily going to increase your revenue, increase your profit or grow your business. In this episode, Kinsey shows you how to identify a higher caliber client that’s actually ready to invest in themselves and invest in your solution (and make a change).
Whether you want to be an official “speaker” or not, it’s likely that you desire to drive impact for others. This means the world is your stage. In this conversation, I bring on a very special guest, Megan McCaleb, who is an expert at public speaking especially for those that know they have a story inside of them waiting to be unleashed. You’ll gain so much insight into listening to Megan share how she’s been able to build a profitable business around her unique brilliance and how she’s able to capture the hearts of audiences (on and off stage).
Building a thriving coaching business requires you to also love your business. It’s difficult to grow something you’re not fully…