When you know how to create leverage in your coaching programs you’ll be able to serve more clients, amplify your impact, and multiply your monthly earnings without adding to your workload or burning yourself to the ground.
Creating an irresistible signature program is a journey of refinement, experimentation, and evolution. If you want to build global awareness around a signature program that has the ability to create an effortless flow of top-tier clients coming in, it’s time to remove all the distractions.
In this episode, I dive deep into the dynamics of the most common coaching program structures, specifically focusing on Cohort-based versus Evergreen models. If you're a coach, an educator, or a practitioner considering an online program to scale your expertise, this episode is packed with insights that will teach you how to think and not just what to do. More importantly, you’ll learn how to move away from “same-same” solutions and start making strategic decisions that align with your vision and your audience.
Urgency in marketing creates motivation to buy. When you do this well, you’ll be able to break through the noise of today's saturated markets and capture the attention of consumers who might otherwise delay or turn the other way.
If you desire to bring more wealth and abundance into your life, this episode will help you unlock your next level of success in such an expansive way.
Picture this: a coaching approach that's not about cloning other experts in the industry but about crafting a tailored solution to the burning question— how can I amplify my clients’ results without working overtime?