As a CEO, you have a responsibility to make decisions that are in the best interest of your business. The worst decisions are based on feelings and the best decisions are based on facts. But how do you discern feelings vs. facts?
In the final episode of the Live Launch Secrets series, I discuss the last step of the live launch model where cash and clients start to roll in. I discuss the primary purpose of this stage and what you should be focused on in order to enroll a flood of clients in just a few days or less.
What if you could sell with authenticity and also see a drastic increase in your launch conversions? In this episode, I dive into one of the most commonly avoided steps in the overall launch process: the offer invitation or “the pitch”. Without a strong call to action, you will have built all of the momentum for nothing.
We’re continuing with the live launch series as we unpack each stage of the live launch method to attract and enroll dozens of clients at a time. In this episode, I unpack the third stage, the launch event, which is your biggest opportunity to build trust, highlight your expertise, and make your offer a no-brainer next step. You’ll learn the difference between teaching and transforming and how you can give your audience results ahead of time without overwhelming them with information.
Most people think that the launch event is the key factor in achieving successful launch outcomes. However, it’s the activities that come directly before the launch event, known as the launch runway, that truly shape the overall launch experience, and can turn an average launch into an incredible five or six-figure launch.
Welcome to the Live Launch Secrets series where I break down the exact live launch strategy I’ve used to elevate my message in the market, amplify my reach, and cross the half-million-dollar revenue mark in just three years.