Thank you for joining us for the final part of Kinsey’s Signature to Seven Mastermind. If you have not listened to the first two, we invite you to check out episodes 13 and 14 so that you too can benefit from what Kinsey has to offer in this course. 

Today, Kinsey discusses the Evergreen and Launching Method of client acquisition. Not sure which one would be right for you? Maybe it’s a combination. Don’t miss this opportunity to find out what Kinsey’s clients now know. 

Do not miss these highlights:

11:50 – There are two core ways or methods for Client Acquisition- The Evergreen Method and Launching Method

15:10 – Your signature offer should have a premium price because if you have anything less than that, it's going to instantly repel the premium buyers

18:22 – A look at the Category Queen Launch Method – The blended parts of the Evergreen and Launching Methods

20:38 – Find out the 3 stages of acquisition control and how they all connect

22:21 – When you know your numbers, you can hack your results. Your data will tell you a story.

27:44 – Protect your profit margins by cutting down on monthly payments

30:24 – Get your offer and your Launch method converting organically first

36:18 – The three pillars to the White Glove experiences within Category Queen Launches

49:18 – If you have the RIGHT OFFER for the RIGHT PEOPLE it's a no-brainer. To them, it doesn't matter what price you put on it.

51:03 – When you have your framework dialed in, it will elevate your sales conversations

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About the Host

Kinsey Machos, Marketing Strategist, is also a recovering people pleaser, self-sabotager, and corporate hustler. She helps entrepreneurs create and execute magnetic marketing and build expert brands so that they can get known, seen and heard online. 

She believes that creating a business that’s 100% in alignment with SELF is one of the most important things that we can do as women — because there’s an inner magic that we all have if we commit to an infinite pursuit of discovering (and re-discovering) that. 

As a wife and a mom of three, family takes priority. And having a business that’s ran AROUND her lifestyle is a daily intention of hers. 


Instagram: @kinseymachos

Facebook: @kinsmachos

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Kinsey Machos:

Welcome to Captivate and Close. I'm Kinsey Machos, business consultant and marketing strategist. And I'm going to show you how to attract and enroll high paying clients using my break through online marketing strategies, all without having to rely on complicated funnels, disingenuous clickbait, or spammy sales tactics. These are the messaging marketing and selling secrets that virtually no one is talking about. So let's dive in.

Kinsey Machos:ld love to know, what is your:Kinsey Machos:

So when we think about big revenue goals, okay, Melissa says 150,000 Go girlfriend, that's so good. So most likely, I'm guessing you have not, you have not hit that goal before in your business, right. And so this is something new, which requires you to become something bigger, a bigger version of yourself and operate higher levels. Okay. And so I say this just, excuse me, I say this to say that, um, when you think about like, if this, if you're already judging this content, whether it's to above you or below you, then you have to really consider, right, am I placing myself in the rooms, in the trainings and the knowledge? That's gonna get me to where I want to go? Okay, am I adopting, right and identity that operates at this level? Okay. So there's really, there's content for everybody at any spectrum, here today. And you get to kind of filter through and decide what's most relevant relevant to you, but I'm going to constantly push you and challenge you to think bigger and better, right? Because if the higher your goals, the more high quality thinking that becomes a view, okay? And because truly, again, going back to this idea of doing things you've never done, right, you're gonna have to think differently comment, think differently below. This is so important, right? I'm giving you strategies today, right? Which are super important. They're working for us are working for our clients. But at the end of the day, if you don't operate if you think at a higher level than you're thinking right now and you're not doing things at a higher level than you are right now, then it's all for nothing. Right? Is this resonating with you? Good, okay, if you're joining me live say hey below guys, um, we're sharing goals.

Kinsey Machos:kay, I want you to share your:Kinsey Machos:Yes, six figures says sue for:Kinsey Machos:

All right, so let's dive into the trade. So we're going to talk about evergreen selling and enrolling. So one of the things that you might have heard is, you should only be accepting clients at a certain rate, or sorry, during certain times, if you are in group coaching, right, you've probably heard of cohorts. Now, how many of you have been launching your group programming cohorts? Now, this is what I started doing. And it was so fumbly, because what happened was, I was I didn't, it's like, I would launch right my group experience. And I would come up short. So I wouldn't hit my revenue goals. And it was like, I had to wait a whole nother six weeks to, or sorry, 12 weeks to six months to enroll more clients. So it's like there's there's got to be a better way to always be signing clients, right, without sacrificing their results and also losing my mind. Right. Okay. So I want to go over some different methods here. This will allow you again, we're talking about client acquisition. Now if this sounds super fluffy for you, it's okay. Let me fix my screen here. There we go. So I'm launching, right, so So client acquisition, I'm sorry, squirrel, squirrel brain. So client acquisition is a system. Now again, it sounds corporate II. But it's really important when we think about systems and we think about predictability in your business that allows you to know when you're going to have clients coming to you. So you don't have to worry about, you know, where your next check is coming from where your next client is coming from. It's about time acquisition, do you have a method for consistent clients? Okay, now, there's two core ways here. Okay? How many of you have heard of evergreen content evergreen below? Evergreen? Right. And many of you might have been sold this idea of like evergreen, which meaning passive, like passively signing clients, to be honest, there really isn't passive work in the coaching space. But evergreen really shows is, is this idea that there's always that flow of clients coming in? Now you could write have an evergreen system that's sort of rolling in the background, that signing clients, but most likely, right, it's going to mean that you are just able to attract and enroll clients all the time. Okay. Now, a lot consider this, like, I consider this more the feminine way, right? If we're to think about that energy, because it's just like the flow. Like it's just the constant repetition of of attracting, enrolling, and it just feels like a little bit more flowy. Okay. Now, the long chain, right is more of those, those peaks, right? How many of you have been through a launch? Like unofficial Watchmen, meaning that you've done a masterclass a challenge, a live event? Comment what you've done below, so I can No, so I just know. But launching is when you take, right, it's a system, it's a method where you bring a bunch of people to you, right, give them value, and you sell to the masses. Now, these are great because you get these peaks of cash injection, right? You enroll a bunch of clients at a time.

Kinsey Machos:

But they're more work, right, more work. I'll show you what, how we've simplified this. But it's also means that if you are only doing launching, right, you have to wait for those launches, to enroll clients. Okay, and launching is more the masculine way, right? If you think about all this work, going into one launch, it can feel like my first year of watching you guys, I was a hustle, freak. Okay. So this is where, like, if you would have seen my closet. It was crazy. I took a picture. One time, it was like I just like it was like a tornado went off. I was a hot freaking mess. Okay. And I think this is why people avoid it, because they go all in into this launch method. They put all their blood sweat and tears into it, and then potentially may not hit their revenue goals, right? Or it's sort of like I put all this work like with little to show for it. Okay, and then again, if you think about cohorts and stuff like that, you have to wait for another launch to do this. Now what I want you to consider is making sure that you either have both of these methods or we blend them together, okay? Because I always, always want you to be selling. Okay, and what did we talk about yesterday? Right selling is serving. Now how Many of you have, I would love to know, are selling something that's above $2,000. Right? Yesterday, we talked a little bit about those premium clients, right? And if you think about the high investor, and the high potential, those are people that are going to pay a premium price, but you have to have a premium price to offer. Right? How many of you sell anything that's above 2k? Comment 2k below. And if not, let me know what you're selling it for. But instantly, you guys, when you think of your signature offer should have a premium price. Okay. And if you go back to write this idea that your group coaching is less expensive than your one to one, like, yes, in some instances, but you should still have a premium price attached to that because you have a proven method. Okay?

Kinsey Machos:

Now, when we think of a premium price, let me tell you what, you guys, it is so much easier to sell something that's above 2k than it is below. Do you believe me on that? And by the way, premium, right? Those hyzers high potential they love to buy, they loved but like, when was the last time you guys purchase something? Right? And you were like, so like, it just the feeling of the purchase? Like you didn't even get it yet. Maybe it was a new purse or a vacation or even a coaching? Like when I hired my mentor and dropped 40k Right? I was everything changed inside of me. I haven't even done anything yet. Right? It was just the the elevation of who I was. And the fact that I right, drop that money to invest, right? Everything elevated. That was when we hit our first 50 a month. So a man this year, these are your premium buyers they love to buy. And just by them having that transaction creates a transformation. Comment The transformation is in the transaction. Have you guys ever thought about that? Like they experienced a result before they even start to work with you? And it happens at the transaction? Right? The transformation is in the transaction. So on the flip side, if you imagine somebody paying $247, for something, right, and it's this high level service, it's like, are we creating that skin in the game, that transformation just through them? Right, going all in on themselves, and creating that inner transformation? Okay, so I'm always I really, when we work together, we want to make sure you have a solid high ticket offer, right? Something that's a least 2k above, like, I'll let you start at 2k. But I'm going to have you increase that because we make it a really, really good really good offer, it's a no brainer for those premium clients. But if you have anything less than that, it's going to instantly repel the premium buyers, and you're going to be attracting low quality leads that can't even afford it anyway. Okay. And so I really, really want you to make sure that you keep an eye on your price, because that's part of the equation. Okay. All right. So I went on a tangent there. But this I had to mention the importance of that, that the price came.

Kinsey Machos:

So we're going to dive into our category Queen launch method. Okay. This is our system, we've essentially blended parts of evergreen and launching into this unique method. And it's been, again, it's totally changed. Everything in our business came. So we we have called it the category pre launch because it doesn't just give you clients, it really does impact your reach. And it's allowed us to really, really impact people all over the world. Okay, but what it does give you is the acquisition control came now acquisition control. Make sure my screen Yes, comment acquisition control below. Again, these are going to be kind of corporate II terms. And I'm trying to scare you just sometimes you can't scrub out the corporate in me. But again, when we think about predictability, this is what that looks like. Okay, acquisition control is the process that seven and eight figure business owners leverage to predict and scale their revenue within healthy and sustainable environments. Okay? What this basically means is, is that you can scale without the burnout. Okay? Regardless of your niche, your business model your platform, like whatever, what we want to just dial in is your, your acquisition method, okay? Because when we have that control, it allows us to scale without hustling. Okay. And so when we think about how, like how this plays out, it's really about having, again, the reliability in your monthly revenue. Okay, how would it feel to have a system that you could literally turn on with the flip of a switch and know that you're going to enroll 20 Premium clients every month, how would that feel and insert whatever, like, if you only want to take five, you know, five key clients a month, you know, great insert five there, but whatever your goal is, right, whatever your goal is for your clients, whether it's group coaching or private, we really want to create that system where it's just a flip of a switch. And you're Branton write your wishes, like how would that feel? Right? The consistency, the predictability, the right liability, and it will literally change everything about how you show up for your business came. Now, there's three, three stages acquisition control, okay? Stage one is we're capturing their attention. We call this the Captivate phase, if you remember yesterday, right? This is just revisiting our lead generation principles. But I want to show you how these all connect came. So when we have that control, right, we're capturing attention consistently. Okay, we're captivating our audience. Right?

Kinsey Machos:

Stage two, we're pulling them into our ecosystem. Again, this is the connect phase. Okay, we're pulling them closer to our ecosystem. This means they're not just hanging out in our general audience as lurkers, we're getting them to raise their hand and basically say, I am an ideal client for you. Okay? And then lastly, right, we invite them to next steps. This is where we close them. Now, if you think about your a typical launch method, this is what it looks like. Right? So for instance, right? You you have a workshop or a challenge, right? You have an opt in page and you're you're promoting the challenge. So we capture their attention, right? They opt in, so we pull them closer to us, right? We nurture them and connect with them through the challenge, the masterclass content, whatever that looks like, and are inviting them to next steps. Okay, this is super simple. Now, you can apply this again to a launch method, or you can think about how did this play out in my day to day business? The point is, again, going back to the lead generation principles, what are we leveraging to move people from stage one to stage three? Cool, okay. So when we think when we know our numbers, what we're able to do is like hack our results. Okay? So let me go here. Um, acquisition control, hacking, okay. So, when you know your numbers, you can hack your results. Okay, sorry, my slides are all over the place. Let's go with 100 pe launch. Okay, so many of our clients come in, they're like, I want 100 pe launch. Cool. Okay, so let's play around with numbers because I want to show you what's possible here. Okay. Now, I love to know, I use an example here of a file. Let's see a 10k offer. Okay. And I know most people are like, Oh my gosh, I can never charge that much. You'd be surprised. Most people end up having a 10k offer, because people pay that every day. But comment below the price of your program K the price of your your signature offer, whether that's group or private Melissa 3k How many of you are selling anything below 2k? I think I've already asked that. Um, but comment the price below and we'll play around with some numbers. But here's what this looks like. Okay, let's go with a 10k offer example. Right? So if you want 100k launch with a 10k offer, right? We want that means about 10 clients. Okay? So if we want to have 100k a month, we need 10 clients.

Kinsey Machos:group offer has three levels:Kinsey Machos:

Every month, or is it total for 12 months, but we oh, okay, perfect. Thank you for Okay, I see verification. Yep. So that's great. So what I want, and we can talk about what that might look like. And maybe if it's working, don't change it. But okay, cool. And also, guys, monthly payments are over done in our industry. And I want you to really make sure you're protecting your profit margins. And so cutting down on monthly payments, we obviously love like will offer monthly payments, but they're not going to be a ton. And you put your business at risk when you have less cash coming in. Okay, and so that's something to keep in mind as well. But I love that. So we've got an ad 412k 18k Awesome. So right, when we think about really your launch method, white, we're gonna we're gonna reverse engineer that. What would it look like to have a 200k? Launch? How many clients does that mean? And how many opt ins do we need for your, for your launch method? And you could apply this you guys to say, your Facebook group. If you're converting, say, 1% of everybody that's coming into your Facebook group. Okay, then I just need right more Facebook group members, like it's so amazing, painful bonuses, perfect love. Okay, so this is what this looks like. Right? And again, a lot of times if people don't have the numbers here, and we get so dialed in, as far as you know, the show up rates each day, like we're tracking all these things, we want to know when people are dropping, right? We want to know how many people are opening their emails, how many people are responding, etc. So we're really letting the numbers tell the story instead of the emotion. Okay, so, let's talk about filling your launches. Okay. First, first of all, I want to mention this, how many of you have been through a traditional launch method, whether it's yours or somebody else's? And it's really this, it's really this like, masculine driven system, right? There's all these emails, right? It's really, really automated. Perhaps you've been through like an automated evergreen system, a webinar system, right? There's these complicated funnels, sales pages, like all the information and to be honest, these methods are usually cold and boring, okay. But what I want to show you is this method, right our category can launch method really allows you to simplify, serve at such a higher level, right, but also write with less with less you guys. Like funnels will look right, like adjust now in my second year. You know, I've done a little bit of funnels, but now I pay somebody to Do them. And you just don't need all the things. Okay? You don't need all the things. Okay. Now, let's go over filling up your lunches. Okay, this is a question that comes up a lot. Let me know if you have questions, right now we can, we can definitely, we can definitely address some of them as we go.

Kinsey Machos:kay? And like would you spend:Kinsey Machos:

Our category Queen launch method also creates white glove experiences. Okay, and you guys have might have noticed this here, but one of the things that we really like to think about is that your hair is like we don't want this to just be like a one and done thing, right? Of course, at the end of this I'm going to tell you how we can work together and invite you to that experience. But in the the in our content in our trainings in our in our during our launch, like I want it to be an experience. Right and I know that and I know that I'm like people like the lat the all the experiences we've created from webinars to five day boot Cam's challenges whatever people walk away with, regardless of them not becoming a client, they walk away with their life transformed. They say they're like this bootcamp was better than any paid experience, right? This changed my life. Right. And that's really important for us, we still want to have an impact whether people become a client or not. And I think that creates a legacy. Right? And that creates, right, also this force and momentum in your industry. Okay, so we really focus on creating that white glove experience, right? So again, how would it feel to create an impactful experience for your audience that has them ranting and raving about you, even if they never become a client? Those are the people that become your best advocates, right? Aside from your clients. But also, right, we don't want to lose sight of the fact that these are meant to bring clients. Okay, so what we want to do is have your best people begging for you will get these will get people all the time, they're like, Oh, tell me your offer. Right? It's like day two, like I'm sold, whatever, whatever you have, right. But then we have, you know, I'm just loving the group loving the bootcamp, people are literally just eating up, right? The content, the training, the coaching, that white glove experience, and then walk away feeling served, feeling change, and that's important to us. Okay. Now, there's three pillars to these white glove experiences within our category Queen launches, okay? The first one is the transformational content. Right? We talked a little bit about this yesterday, comment transformational content below transformational content, this is so important. This is your this is if you want, I think I've said this too many times. But if you if there if you get nothing else from this, three days together, take this with you. Any of your content, whether that's social content, email content, launch content, you really have to start thinking about pivoting from how to content to transformational content.

Kinsey Machos:ilson's freakin record was in:Kinsey Machos:

Okay? Now, this is as simple as putting them like you guys, you're in a Facebook group, making sure that people are connecting with with each other that you tell people like I told you guys, do not overlook the advantage that you have of this amazing community of women. Right, and you guys friggin are crushing it, right, you've got the accountability going, you're having conversations with each other, you're cheering each other on. If you can create community, anywhere you go, you are really able to make a bigger impact. Okay, and so even if it's a masterclass we will have some element of community, right, we set them in our Facebook group, we have an intro video for them, and it's just getting them warmer to our brand and connecting them with a larger community now more than ever, people want community. Okay. And then lastly, we have the high touch support. Okay, and this is yeah, so um, yep, I like how your coaches DM DM in a stream As to Yeah, so this is our high touch support, what we want to create is like you guys have that support to navigate the content, right? Some people leverage it a lot like asking questions, you know about their business and like our success coaches or behind the scenes, just again, providing that service, so that they're set up for success, right. And we really want to create again, it's almost like a paid experience, where they have somebody just supporting them along, some people just love to know that someone's checking in. But like I said, others really take advantage of having that coach that expert to, to lean into. Okay, and so making sure you have some element of that support system, right. And now I have a team that gets to help me with that. But before you guys, that was me, that was me. Okay.

Kinsey Machos:

So whatever level we get to make it scalable, okay, now, this is the process. Okay? So this will be like, super straightforward, but again, just giving you the process around what this looks like, okay? So they lock, they opt in to your conversion of it. And your conversion event via an opt in page, right? Then they get placed in some sort of community, right? Most likely, it's a Facebook group that you've created for this launch, like a pop up group, or it's your free group, you guys, my first year of launching them all in my free group, but I incentivize them to still opt in, right? So it was like, get your workbook or get your secrets or whatever, because I still wanted to build my email list, right? So whatever you're doing, right, having that community, so they get plugged into the community, and then they get assigned to success coach, right. So you guys have been in touch with your success coach, and she's nurturing you and really supporting you at the highest level. Okay? And then the transferring that the transfer the transformative content, right, that's me showing up with you, every day, right? Three days, five days, whatever. And giving you that content, right, that is hopefully changing the way you think, feel and do, right, then we push you guys to if it's a good fit, we move you to a sales conversation, right? It's like, let's talk about where you're at where you're going. And if we can fill the gap for you. Okay, a sales conversation. So notice we're not doing sales pages, those do not convert, right? How many of you like I think sales can version standard? If it's a good one, like one to 3% rather, right? When you have a sales conversation, right? And we teach you how to close like 40 to 50%. So would you rather have a conversation or push them to a dry sales page, right? So we're pushing them to a call, and then they become a client or not. And they move into onboarding? Okay, now, what's cool is right, that that box in the green, that's me, and then my team is doing everything else. Now what I want for those of you starting out, it's something to obviously have your eye on. But this is what has led me to the last huskily and has allowed me to scale because I don't have to do everything. We have our system dialed in. Everybody knows what their onpoint for what they're doing. Everybody's assuming their role, and we freakin crush it. Right? Yes. And I was wondering that when you said 10% conversion earlier, because that has not been my experience with traditional live launches. Okay. And again, it's going to vary depending on your level of audience. So if it's a really, really cold audience, it might be a little bit lower. Also, depending on price point, so if you're above 20k offer, you might have a lower conversion rate, because most people aren't, you know, it's the price. So there's a lot of factors there. And so we would definitely want to start somewhere. It's like what, what's an ideal conversion rate for you based on price point, and warmth of audience, and then moving to again, the sales, your sales conversations will really, really help with that, right? Because if you are pushing the sales page, you're losing people. And or if you're doing sales calls, but we're not converting at the rate, right, then we're losing opportunity as well. So that's super important. I'm glad you said that.

Kinsey Machos:

Okay, so this is what happens when, um, I have here it is. So this is our so we call this a run through paint method, because we'll take one one method, and we'll just we'll get it so dialed in. We'll just rinse and repeat. And what's different about what's different about this is it allows it doesn't feel like we're doing this entire launch, like every time like me, like crying in my closet, you know, pulling all nighters throwing clothes all over the place, right? It's just me showing up and my team supporting the process which is amazing. And every time we launch or have our conversion event, we have our board, we use a sauna, we have our board, it gets, you know, duplicated, and then it's everything's test out and we're just like, boom, boom, boom. And it's so fun. It's so fun. Um, and so we, again, we, when we think about acquisition control, this is what that means. So it's like, okay, we want you know, five new clients or 10, new clients, whatever, we know the numbers, we know how our ads are converting, you know, the opt in, you know, the conversion, it's just a matter of turning on the switch.

Kinsey Machos:

Okay, now, some examples of some conversion event experiences here just to get your brain thinking about what you could do next, you guys. Um, so it's the 10th. Now a few things that people are busy with the holidays, things again, yes, they are, but people are buying. And January is a huge month as well. So you should be gearing up to have some sort of conversion event. Okay. Whether it's a simple masterclass, or even a challenge or a workshop, okay. Um, some examples here, Monica Tanner, she's, she's a relationship coach, he does update your spouse challenge, okay. And she's selling her 5k offer at the back end of this. And it does her never died again, workshop, and she's selling her 3k offer at the end of this. And she's actually turning this in. She's doing a bigger one in January, and she is re branding to break the diet cycle. That was super fun. We built that up together. And then, um, Nora is a corporate coach. So she helps people transition out of corporate and she super simple, right? Learn how to build your business and replace your nine to five salary. Boom, right? So what, okay, so what we want to do is think about, okay, this isn't just a method of launch, right? This is about you creating a unique experience. If you're not able to do this, right? This is what might be showing up for you, right? It's hard time getting people to show up, right? conversions are low, right? Energy is low, right? And you do all this work for little results. And that's not what we want for you. And so really thinking about how can I turn something into that experience? Right? Yeah, no more heading to my closets, you guys seriously? Okay, so just some case studies here. So I think I spoke about Angela yesterday, but she came in and she was like attracting all the the people that could not afford her offer. Okay, and all we did was a simple shifting in her messaging, K member messaging versus marketing. And before we even had a chance to watch she, she stretched to 22 months.

Kinsey Machos:nd she so she increased it to:Kinsey Machos:

I would love to share how we could work together. Okay. Again, we have a very tight small group of clients, for our mentorship programs. And so we're not accepting all the people, we really do go through a qualification process. But for the right people, again, our offers are not for everybody, our programs are not for everybody. But for the right people, right? It's the perfect fit. So this is an example. So when you guys when we work together, this is what we do. So we first design, right, your your, your, your program, right, your high ticket coaching program, whether it's one to one, or, um, or group, okay. And there's a validation process within that, but it's when we know who your premium person is, right, then we can really craft a no brainer offer for them and think about how to market and message it right. So one of the things that we talked about a little bit on on Wednesday was the framework. When you have your framework dialed in, right, it really will elevate your sales conversations. So one of our clients here says just close up paid in full dream client over the phonies UI framework, right, the framework totally elevated my sales call. And so that's part of the work we do in really thinking about your high ticket offer is the elements of that high ticket offer that will practically sell itself. Okay. And this is what we want to think about whether you're one to one or already in group, right, we want to think about how can this become your signature offer or line you up, right for that really true signature group coaching program, okay. Then we create a messaging and marketing strategy, boom, right, that attracts premium buyers. So we leverage a framework, we leverage a marketing strategy that allows you to speak very, very directly to those premium clients. It allows you to show up online more powerfully, right without doing more. Okay, this also includes our Facebook group strategy. So we want to help you set that up. Because again, you can convert cold audiences that Facebook is sending you for free, really, really quickly with or what with the right systems in place. And it's so so powerful, okay. And then we build out your client acquisition machine. Okay, so we design what that looks like, most of you will be ready for a full out launch system, right? We call this the client acquisition machine or category Queen launch. But if you're not ready for a full out launch, right, we'll talk about how to leverage your Facebook group. But ideally, we want you leveraging both, and we designed that with you. Okay, because if you have that machine that's running, right smoothly, like a well oiled gig, right, it allows you to show up so much, powerfully in not just your business, but your life. Okay, I've got three kids, I've got a husband, we both have full time businesses. And I have had, but yeah, I've had more time with my family than I ever have had before. And that it's important to it to add the elements in your business that allow you to do that, right. You want to be signing clients without you involved. Okay, which is so amazing. Okay, so honestly, you guys, if we were to think about opportunity costs, right? If you're a good fit, I want to have that conversation with you. But if you go trying to implement what we've had what we've learned here on your own, you will have luck, right? We went over a lot, okay, we went over a lot. And, um, parts of this, you'll be able to go implement and you'll get results right away. But if you think about longevity, right, in optimization, it's going to cost you okay, I it took me like if you think about all the time that I've like put into right my business, we've really solidified the processes, the systems, the marketing strategies, the launch strategies that work, right, we're at already accelerating your learning curve and your results, okay, you'll also run out of energy trying to do this alone, right? A lot of people are like, Oh, just trial and error. Why would you do that? Right? If we can show you what's going to work and what's not going to work? Also, I've spent probably beyond six figures, hiring the best mentors in the world that have showed me, right, they're guiding me right there on their on their way to $100 million years. And so I'm just right, I'm just investing in them. Right? And I'm saving you I'm saving you all that right? I'm saving in the six figures.

Kinsey Machos:last time so it's December of: