The New Year has arrived and that means ensuring that the vision for the upcoming year is clear and easily understood by all. Over the course of this episode, Kinsey shares her vision for her own company as well as gives you some strategies to help you clarify your own. She also dives into the lessons learned over 2021 that are going to help make 2022 even more successful. 

Do not miss these highlights:

02:13 – When you pause and take time to reflect on how far you've grown just in the last year, you will be surprised at how far you've come

04:28 – We all get to define what success means, the difference is just the consistency and repetition behind that

05:45 – A longer journey is okay; we're all exactly where we're meant to be

06:52 – The importance of hitting a revenue goal is not to focus only on money rather it is an objective data point that tells us whether we're on track or not

09:40 – The intention of setting the goal is to become the person that hits the goal

10:45 – One of the biggest transitions you can make is shifting from a personal brand to more of a company based mission

21:21 – Have a vision for what your year looks like, understand the goals within there, and task yourself to hit those sub-goals

28:47 – When you get super disciplined and focus on growing the one thing, the byproduct of that is exponential. Don’t undervalue the ripple effect.

32:38 – Create more space for yourself to anchor in the possibility of the vision of what's coming and make sure that it feels right for you.

38:34 – When we don't get the results we want, we think that there's something wrong with the strategy, but it's never about the strategy.

About the Host

Kinsey Machos, Marketing Strategist, is also a recovering people pleaser, self-sabotager, and corporate hustler. She helps entrepreneurs create and execute magnetic marketing and build expert brands so that they can get known, seen and heard online. 

She believes that creating a business that’s 100% in alignment with SELF is one of the most important things that we can do as women — because there’s an inner magic that we all have if we commit to an infinite pursuit of discovering (and re-discovering) that. 

As a wife and a mom of three, family takes priority. And having a business that’s ran AROUND her lifestyle is a daily intention of hers. 


Instagram: @kinseymachos

Facebook: @kinsmachos

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Kinsey Machos:

Welcome to Captivate and Close. I'm Kinsey Machos, business consultant and marketing strategist. And I'm going to show you how to attract and enroll high paying clients using my break through online marketing strategies, all without having to rely on complicated funnels, disingenuous clickbait, or spammy sales tactics. These are the messaging marketing and selling secrets that virtually no one is talking about. So let's dive in.

Kinsey Machos:

Hey, you all welcome back to another episode of Captivate and Close. This is so fun. Because while you haven't probably noticed, because we've been producing podcast episodes, every week, we had to do some bulk recording at the beginning of the month just to get us through holidays, and really allow ourselves to take a step back. And so it's the first time coming back to the mic in like, I don't know, three or four weeks, which feels crazy, but so fun. We are fresh in the new week in the new year. This is so fun. This is one of my favorite times of the year. And I definitely don't buy into the hype of like, New Year new you. But I do love the intentionality behind a fresh start. Right? I think that if we consistently or if we, if we were to just like continuously roll over into the years without sort of this, like start and stop reflection, we would never take the time to really look back and look forward right and set the intentionality I know everybody's like, well, you know, you fail by February or whatever. And we we actually have a lot of training around around that we talk a lot about what it means to hit goals and what it means to strive towards those goals. But it's never about the goal itself. It's really about who you become in setting those goals. And when you take the time, whether that's you know, heading into the new year or right when the New Year kicks off, to just pause and reflect on how far you've grown just in the last year, you wouldn't be so surprised at how how far you've come. You know, so often people think that Well, I didn't hit my revenue goal, or I didn't get this done, or I didn't leave my job, but isn't. So they see it as as a flop. But if I forced them to, like sit down and like really, really forced themselves to come up with wins, things start flowing, and they look at it. And they're like, oh my gosh, look at everything that I've accomplished. So I love this, I think that I'm a super committed and disciplined person. And so when I set my eye on something, I go for it. And I'm not sort of like a seasonal, you know, like, I'll be in all in for a couple months. And then I'll slide like I'm frickin all in all the time but of course is as far as seasons go, right? There's some Evan ebbing and flowing as far as high octane, low octane and things like that, which I talk about a lot.

Kinsey Machos:

But I really want to take this opportunity to share with you what my company vision is, and what not only what I'm excited about for this year to come. But also give you some insight into what is ahead for you as far as a listener, a member of our audience, a client even. And I want to do this because I want you to feel inspired, right? I know that whenever I get to hear my mentors talk about their their vision and their strategy, like it totally fires me up. I also want you to understand what's possible for you, right? Because I'm no different than you. And there's no like I I have a very unique, unique brilliance just like you do. But I'm where where we think about like what creates success, or what doesn't. And I use success very vaguely here, right? We all get to define what success means. The difference really is just the consistency and repetition behind that. And right committing to the journey of becoming and so I just want you to know that I just want you to feel inspired. I just want you to feel inspired. And I also want you to know if you are especially scaling pass a 10 20k Maybe 50k months this year, you'll really resonate With this episode, because you'll hear a lot about the infrastructure of what we're building now, and some new things that are coming. But if you're under 10k months, this will also be very relevant to you, because you'll be able to just get a, get some insight into what you should or should not be focused on for the year. But ultimately, I just want you to feel so inspired in what's possible for you, right? Because my business is such a baby business, right? We were a little over two years old, which is crazy to think, and we've had such accelerated growth and everything can change for you right, in in a very short period of time, which is exciting. But also, if you've had, say, a longer journey, know that that is okay, too. And we're all exactly where we're meant to be. But we also have to commit to taking four row or commit to taking action that is aligned with where we're wanting to go, right. And I, you've probably heard me talk about this a lot. But where we spin out is when we're taking action from a space of bad thoughts. Meaning this isn't working, or I need to try harder, or this won't work for me, because you know, XYZ, when we take action from that space, that will constantly create spinning. But when you constantly take action, from a space of this, everything is working for me, this is possible and operate from the space that your success is inevitable than 100%. Everything is just a matter of time. Not not, if but when okay. And so I think overall, it's just helpful to see how we think how we strategically plan out our year, what it looks like, and what's coming.

Kinsey Machos:x, our revenue for:Kinsey Machos:ed to go into quarter four of:Kinsey Machos:So if we look at the year of:Kinsey Machos:

And I'm really excited about it. Now, our second priority of the year is to really increase brand visibility and awareness, we really want to expand our reach, right? So we're we've gotten really good we've dialed in our warm market, we obviously dialed in organic marketing, we've started to really dial in paid advertising. And we have all these assets, right? We have a podcast, we have our offers, we have the team. So it's like how do we completely 10x app? How do we bring? How do we get in front of more people, leveraging the things that we already have. And so within this initiative of increasing brand awareness and visibility, we have the sub components of that one of them being writing and launching a book. Now, other components of increasing brand awareness and visibility is obviously just some general metrics around podcast growth, our Facebook group membership growth, so this is our free membership, we really want to have metrics in place that gives us some sort of indicator as to are we on the right track, right? Are is our audience growing at the rate that we want it to right if we think about getting in front of more people? And then of course our following now you've heard me say before, right, like, don't focus on vanity metrics really focus on quality over quantity. And that is 100%. Where we are when we think about anything we create content offers, or even conversations. It's like, we prioritize quality over quantity. However, like I said, when we have metrics in place that can tell us give us sort of that black or white indicator as a as to whether or not we're growing. It's super, super beneficial. It's data points and so we collect we want to collect those data points and to give us that story, are we growing or not. And so we really define what that looks like for us. Now, the third really big initiative for the year is client satisfaction. Right now that we have this new offer, we're gonna have essentially three offers now, our female founders board, which is our back end mastermind, which is our, you know, most intimate small group of high clientele. We don't really sell that, right, we don't really, we'll talk about here and there, but it's not who we're trying to attract on the front end, right? We know that anybody that usually like, we'll definitely sell some people into that that are colder to us. But we, most likely anybody that ends up in female founders board is somebody that has already gone through one of our, you know, core offers, right, and they're just gearing up for that. And they're just ready to take their business to the next level. So it really is, but we still have, right, we still have these three offers in which we're delivering services to, and we don't want to lose sight of the most important piece of that, which is our client satisfaction. So we have a client satisfaction goal. And we have measurements in which we're able to pull from in order to determine are we on track, as far as meeting the needs of our clients or not? And then lastly, our big really focus area is Team fulfillment. Right? Team fulfillment for me is like, Is my team fulfilled in the work they do? And this is, again, a very new focus area for me, right? Usually, you know, when you think about just an entrepreneur based company, it's like, Are my clients happy? Am I happy is the revenue growing. But what I know is, if we are solely focused on making our clients happy, then we lose sight of, you know, what's really, really important, which is my team, because my team is also contributing to making my clients happy. They're contributing to making me happy and successful, which allows us to have that holistic approach to a healthy business growth. And so we have a team fulfillment goal as far as our are my team members fulfilled in the work they do, and are they engaged? And do they feel like they can grow with the company? Okay, so those are our four core, four core focus areas for the year, right. So we have the revenue goal. But within that, you know, we have our big initiative of launching the new offer, we have brand visibility, and awareness, really increasing that. And then we have client satisfaction and team fulfillment. Now I spoke to really only focusing on quarter one, right. And this is really what I want you to focus on, when you think of

Kinsey Machos:d so many of those moments in:Kinsey Machos:ng about what I wanted out of:Kinsey Machos:huge thing I'm carrying into:Kinsey Machos:mes that I spun out right and:Kinsey Machos:n though one of my things for:Kinsey Machos:hose are lessons learned from: