How would it feel if you arrived at the end of 2023 and smashed your most audacious revenue goals? More importantly, what would it feel if you were OBSESSED with the journey that got you there? This is what it’s about. There’s no point in making a lot of money if you don’t enjoy doing it. Tune in to discover the moves you can make in order to create your record-breaking revenue year in 2023.
There are subtle, yet powerful shifts happening in the online marketing space that are impacting how people consume your content, how they come to trust you as an expert, and how they will decide to invest in your programs, products, and services. If you understand what these shifts are and can effectively execute against them (or with them) you will automatically have the competitive edge. Tune into this episode as Kinsey shares the top 5 trends in the industry and how it’s going to impact you as a coach.
When you’ve got your offer dialed in and you’re feeling more rhythm in your marketing, the next step is for you to create more leverage with what’s already working. In today’s podcast episode, I talk about a concept called Leverage Marketing. This will be the one core element to your growth to 200K+ (with less effort).
If you’re wondering what it looks like to grow a high-demand, high-income business with your clients' results at the forefront, this interview with a special guest Callan Faulkner, is a must listen.
Coaching clients in a group container is different from coaching clients in a one-to-one experience, but building the proficiency of both is important if you plan to create global impact and generate high-revenue months. Tune in to learn how you can master this skill as an expert so you can amplify your income and your impact.
On today’s episode, Kinsey dives into one of the three core elements of scalable offers: curriculum. This is how your clients are learning what they need to learn in order to get the results they desire. If designed well, the curriculum can accelerate your clients’ results and take pressure off of you to coach on the same things over and over again. However, curriculum can be an art and a science. Tune into this episode so you can avoid the most common mistakes, create an exception experience for your group coaching clients, and scale your impact.