In this episode, Kinsey sits down with Ashlee Young, a piano coach who helps self-taught adults how to play beautifully by practicing smarter, not harder. Ashlee recently ascended from our signature coaching program to our top-tier mastermind, Female Founders Board. Ashlee shares her journey as she evolves from classical musician to entrepreneur to an industry leader who’s expanded her reach beyond her one-to-one piano studio. More importantly, she talks about what it’s like to have a safety net of skills, knowledge, and tools that will allow her to create opportunities on demand (for life) that no place of employment could...
Do you feel excited to work toward your first (or next) 5 or 6-figure launch? Live launches are the best way to grow your business as an online expert because you can create predictable cash infusions, grow your audience, and elevate your credibility in the industry. Tune in as Kinsey walks you through the five most important stages of launches and how you can prepare to have your highest converting launch.
It’s normal to struggle with the fear of increasing your prices, which is often connected to the fear of losing out on potential clients or appearing greedy. However, it's important to understand that increasing your prices is a natural part of business growth, and it's essential to keep up with the evolution of the economy and maintain profitability. More importantly, your price should align with the value of your offer, your specific lifestyle desires, and your financial goals.
How differently would you operate in your business if you believed that everything you have right now is enough to hit your goals this year? It’s likely that this thought alone will help you stay focused on only the things that will create the biggest results. In this episode, Kinsey shares how this works and why this is so important to the success of your business results.
Growing to multiple six figures is simple. If you’re stuck at 3-5K months and want to break through your revenue plateau to hit multiple six figures this year, this is the episode for you. Achieving 200K+ means building a bulletproof business model that can stand the rest of time.
Knowing when and what to leverage in your business can accelerate your growth but also protect your most sacred time…